Love Facebook Lives 4-Week Program with Cynthia Painter

Do you want to get greater connection on Facebook but Facebook Lives just aren’t working for you yet?

If you want to feel more confident, be more comfortable and turn up more consistently with Facebook Lives then join the Love Facebook Lives program.

Over the 4 weeks of this group program you will:

  • Be more natural when you’re doing Facebook lives
  • Be WAAAAY more consistent easily
  • Have things to say and know how to say it
  • Have greater connection with your followers and get better reach
  • Have a safe space for practicing and fine tuning
  • Be more comfortable being you in front of the camera

This program is for you regardless whether you are new to Facebook lives or do them regularly.

Starting Monday 9th November 2020, the program will have:

  • Weekly group calls with me with how to’s and mindset strategies
  • Private Facebook Group for our community to practice and be supportive in
  • Easy activities and application so you actually get results

Program Full Price: $350AUD

Let’s get you being more consistently you, more easily so you can grow your community.

Love Facebook Lives registration ends soon!

Registration ends 11pm AEST Sunday 8th November 2020.

Registration ends in...