“Cynthia is fantastic! I started to see her after feeling as though i was completely stuck and not going where i wanted to be going in my business. Too many ideas, but stuck implementing them. Cynthia’s understanding, enthusiasm and professionalism has helped me get my business mojo back and moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who is thinking “maybe a coach might help” to definitely see Cynthia.”

Sarah Bugeja

Owner and Kids Group Trainer, Fit and Funky Kids

“I’ve been working with Cynthia for a several months now, and in that time I have set and achieved several business goals, gotten clarity on what I want and how to get there, and learned a lot about myself in the process. I set a goal for the last quarter, which I revised upwards twice, and still exceeded it. I have even increased my revenue by 50% in the last financial year! I am within days of achieving my biggest goal and Cynthia has played a huge part in that. I highly recommend taking advantage of any program or offering she has.”

Alice Bullivant

Integrated Therapist and Kinesiologist, KinesiAlice

I attended the Procrastination workshop with Create Action Now and could not recommend this local business more highly. Cynthia is passionate, professional and created a space where the attendees could actively engage and use the tools and techniques to explore and literally create-action-now. Please check out all of the different training and workshops that Cynthia offers and give her a call to discuss how they can be tailored to you.”


Shannon Park

Owner and Yoga Instructor, Sydney Parkside Yoga

“I have recently had the pleasure of attending some sessions with the lovely Cynthia Painter.
She is so lovely! Very easy to talk to and her upbeat attitude is contagious!!
The focus of my sessions was to tackle my procrastination and create some realistic and motivating goals for my business.
Cynthia is amazing! She pushed me to really look at myself and get to the reasons why I procrastinated, which helped me to figure out ways to overcome it and get more done!
I highly recommend booking a time with Cynthia to help take your business to great heights .”

Shelly Hooker

Owner and Kanga Trainer, Kanga Training

“Working with Cynthia has been such an eye-opening experience! With her humorous and friendly approach, she has helped me to realise the amazing strengths and gifts that I didn’t realise I had as well as showing me areas in which I was dampening my own abilities and potential. Cynthia has helped me to capitalise on the opportunities in my life and in three short months helped me to pay off a substantial debt, start the business of my dreams and avoid sinking into mediocrity after the birth of my little baby. I can truly say that Cynthia has enriched my life and put me on a track of positivity and inspiration through her incredibly skills and faithful accountability.” 

Anna Churchill

Director LLUMI Australia

“Absolutely love experiencing Cynthia’s educational program, specifically NLP training!! Cynthia shows a genuine care for each student and sees the best in each of us. She is passionate, insightful and has a great sense of humour. Highly recommend Cynthia and her programs. Thank you Cynthia – for your all round awesomeness!


Anna Perdriau

Speaking Coach, The Speaking Stylist

“Cynthia is organised, proactive and a real expert in her field. Love her work!”

Dajana Petkovic Wilkinson

Marketing specialist, Gatehouse Tea Rooms

“I also often refer my clients to Cynthia Painter at Create Action Now who is fabulous..”

Eva-Lotta Baad

Owner and Personal Trainer, Fit4You Personal Training and Massage

“Cynthia your videos are just brilliant! Excellent topics, so thorough and presented with such a positive and supportive vibe. No fluff, just practical, effective advice.”


Jodie Thorton

The Parent Coach, The Parent Coach

‘Cynthia was a pleasure to work with, she made me feel comfortable and challenged me to reach my full potential. It was a great feeling having someone that I could be honest with, and had full interest with me. I had nothing but positive experiences in the short time I worked with Cynthia.’

Kar Lei Young


“I can really recommend Cynthia Painter at Create Action Now. She held a short workshop about Goal Setting 2 weeks ago at my regular face to face business networking group. Her inspirational words kicked some butt for me. I spent the next day e-mailing and calling various network contacts. 2 weeks later I now have myself a business mentor from the same industry and a casual “employee ” to offload some work and relieve some pressure so I can focus on more goals! Thanks so much Cynthia.”

Maggie Koller

Owner and designer, Orange Bicycle Designs Apparel and Accessories

“Really love Cynthia’s work. I have made major breakthroughs in my understanding and my business since we worked together. Highly highly recommend her if you are willing to go to the next level.”

Amit Jain

Owner, Broadcast SEO

“When I started working with Cynthia there was dissatisfaction with work. With Cynthia’s help I was able work on improving that. I also did further work with Cynthia as I realised that I was also dissatisfied with other aspects of my work life and was determined to make change – I just didn’t know how and needed someone to focus me.  Cynthia helped me focus and achieve clarity with what I wanted in my work life and how I was going to achieve it. I was able to reflect and begin to implement plans and have started to make the necessary changes. The benefits I received from the coaching sessions I had with Cynthia were invaluable. She helped me set firm in my mind on the exact path I want to go down and to take an enormous looking task and break that down into bite sized pieces. I now know how I am going to get where I need to go – and I know if I am going to make change it is my responsibility. Cynthia was completely supportive, kept me energised and focussed when I was feeling over whelmed, helped me achieve clarity and keep me accountable – without her I would still just be thinking instead of actually doing something about it. Thank you Cynthia for all your support and for keeping me focussed and on-track through some particularly tough times.”

Rona Torrance

Program Manager Youth Insearch

“I really benefited and enjoyed the coaching sessions with Cynthia. At the start I had no idea what I had signed up for, but as we progressed through the sessions, I discovered a lot about myself, my values, experiences and behaviours and by the end I could see I had achieved my goals. I also realised that I had undergone fundamental changes in the way I lived my life and confronted situations. At the commencement of our sessions, I was unhappy with my current job role and couldn’t see the way forward. Everything looked pretty bleak and I was giving up. Through the course of the sessions, Cynthia got me to think about my behaviours, how I tackled problem situations and overcame them as well as looking at my perspective on life. She taught the way to be proactive, overcome fear and doubt, believe in people and situations and find solutions for my problems. She also taught me to seize opportunities and how to set specific goals which were achievable. At the end of the sessions, I can see the progress I’ve made in my personal and professional life. Cynthia also helped me to learn to value and love myself more, to be proactive and to think more positively. If you are thinking of undertaking coaching, I would highly recommend it. It will be challenging and rewarding but the changes you implement in your life will be profound and help you move forward in leaps and bounds. Cynthia is a great life coach, being patient, informative and supportive. She shares from her own life experiences which kept me honest and engaged.”

Gabi Ringger

Massage Therapist

“I found Cynthia to be open, caring, patient and professional. She was able to successfully guide me through the process which I originally found difficult to understand and work through. Cynthia’s patience and unwavering faith, support and trust in me and my ability to break through, have enabled me to make many significant changes to my thought processes, attitudes and ability to enact the changes I wish to make. I highly recommend Cynthia.”

Nicky Carter