Converting audience to paying clients by up-selling is important for any business. But many business people struggle to convert their audience. In this blog I am going to give you some useful tips on just how to convert audience to paying clients by up-selling.

Wouldn’t it be great if you ran an event and afterwards people just wanting to give you their money so they can work with you? Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Funnily enough, this is stumbling block for a lot of people. We are hoping that our audience will come up to us and want to hand over that cash. But the truth is, if we don’t actually help them in that process then it’s not likely to happen.

I also know that you are out there with a message that you want to share. If you’re not converting by up-selling then you are not going to be able to help as many people.

Here are five tips on how to convert your audience to paying clients by up-selling:

1. Consider the context. Is it appropriate for you to up-sell?

Are you able to up-sell at a specific event? If it’s an event you have created then you can do pretty much whatever you like. But if it is somebody else’s event, you need to check in with the organiser what up-selling opportunities are available.  

Some event organiser will say that there is no up-sell. They have promoted you therefore giving you exposure. People have all your contact details perhaps in all the promotions or workbooks that they are given.

Some of them may say that you can collect email addresses. Sometimes the event organiser will give people a feedback form allowing the audience to opt into your communication. And some will allow you to up-sell for five minutes at the end of your delivery.

2. Deliver on your promise

You need to deliver on your promise. If you’ve got some outcomes for your audience to achieve make sure they’ve done that. The reason being is because that speaks volumes around credibility. If I’ve come to see you and I am expecting a,b and c and yet you don’t  deliver that, then I’m not going work with you anyway. Make sure that you actually do deliver on your promise. 

3. How does the workshop fit into your sales funnel?

Once you’ve delivered your initial content, what are the next logical steps for working with you? This is your up-sell opportunity. I’ve had a few people who have come to me wanting to hold a workshop or speak on stage and when asked about their sales funnel process, the response is “oh it’s got nothing to do with my business.” If you don’t at least align your brand to your workshop, then there is no up-sell opportunity here. I would question the effort and time you are looking to put into this workshop.

4. Next steps

Think about the logical next steps from your initial content delivery. It needs to flow into your up-sell opportunity.

For example, I might present “How to run a workshop”. I deliver all the steps on how to do that. This then leads to things like working out the logistics of running a workshop, ironing our mindset wobbles or having accountability. This is my up-selling opportunity.

Up-sell is really an extension of customer service.

5. How do you want your clients to feel after buying your up-sell proposition?

The biggest mistake people make here is they get very transactional. For example, for this amount of money you get three sessions and x, y and z.

But people don’t buy information, they buy transformation. They want to feel good about it. When you are talking about the features and the benefits of what it is that they get working with you, think about feelings. Think feelings, features, benefits, feelings. How is it going to make them feel? Will it make them feel more confident? Will they feel more energy and get up and go? What feeling are they going to get out of your up-sell? Because this is what people are looking for.

What are your thoughts on up-selling? What strategies do you use? If you have any questions, please comments below or email me at

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