Pressure. We all find ourselves under pressure from time to time. But how do we react under pressure?

This post was inspired by watching my son’s under 8s soccer game.

My son and his team were playing number two team in the region and were behind 2:1 at the end of the first half. They have been undefeated up until this point and this was crunch time.

Then came the second half. We had a little pep- talk before they go out from the second half. We told them to get out there and have fun. Own the ball and make it happen. Well, that certainly got them fired up! They got out there and defended and attacked with a new vigour and energy. Oh the energy! Their energy was so infectious and it was difficult not to get fired up with them.

They lost the game, 3:2. But it didn’t matter. They were still excited and pumped up by their own energy. The result didn’t matter. They played the best they had even played and that’s all that matters.

Let’s bring this back to you. Where do you go when you’re under pressure?

The sporting arena is an excellent example to use because mindset is a big part of professional sports person’s training.

The question is: are you in the game or are you out of the game? Are you going to reframe, take responsibility and look at what you can do?

Or are you going to blame people and justify? Stay under the doona and hide? Or are you going to get out there and fight? This is a decision only you can make. And it is entirely up to you. So when you are running a workshop and with only a few weeks left you have no sign ups, are you going to get out there and promote the living daylights out of it or are you just going to hide?

Maybe you have clients that are cancelling on you. What do you make that mean? Are you making that mean that you can’t make it, that you’re not good enough, that nobody wants your services? Or are you just going to learn from it? Reframe it? Get out there and promote some more get out there and share your value, share your tips and be visible?

It’s what we do under pressure that matters. Where do you go? How do you turn up? What steps do you take? When we are under pressure it’s also an indication of how we truly see ourselves. When things are going well, that little voice isn’t as loud. It’s still there. But when under pressure that voice is really in your face.

The story or belief that you’re telling yourself of “I’m not good enough” or “See, I told you it was never going to happen” or “I’m just not going to make it. What was I thinking?” When things are going poorly we have evidence to prove and substantiate that little voice.

Try this yourself. Take note of how you react when things are going well and when things are not going so well.

Take a moment and notice what it is that you are telling yourself?  What’s the truth? What am I believing and what are the behaviours that are going with it? You can do this by journaling so by actually taking some time at the end of each day to think it through. I don’t mean you “dear diary” type of journaling. Just ask yourself “What was I saying to myself? What was I believing? What was I making that mean?” What am I making that mean and therefore what was my behaviour?”

This self-awareness is a very powerful tool for helping you deal with pressure in a more positive way.

Your behaviour is an echo of your belief.

I’d love to know where you go when you’re under pressure. What do you use to turn yourself around? If you have any questions on how to turn this around let me know. As a mindset and speaking coach I can help you  show up even more in your business.

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