Should I run a webinar or a workshop? This is a question I often get asked by clients. In this blog and video, we are going to explore what to consider when thinking whether to run a webinar or workshop.

  1. The differences

The great thing is that you can deliver the same content in both a workshop and a webinar. A workshop is far more engaging. It is more people centric. It’s a very highly connected and therefore highly converting method.

You can have twenty five people on a webinar and twenty five people in a workshop and you’re more likely to convert in a workshop over a webinar. That’s because your audience have taken the time to actually turn up and that gives more human connection.

2. Logistics

When deciding whether to do a workshop or a webinar, consider logistics.

In terms of promoting either a workshop or a webinar there is no difference. You will still utilise social media to promote. When running a workshop you need to consider a venue. A venue can be anything from your home to a resort. There are a lot of options for a venue but you need to find a cost effective one that can deliver what you need.

If technology is your thing , go for a webinar
If technology is your thing, go for a webinar

Consider the number of people coming and the activities that you want to do. A workshop gives you more flexibility and time to do your activities.

Sometimes a workshop is better because you have more time to work with people. You can take more breaks and get that face to face interaction.

When you’re looking at logistics of a webinar there’s technology to consider. You need an application such as Zoom to be able to record. You need to remember to record your webinar. And then you’ve got to be able to email and send it out.

3.  Purpose

What is the purpose for running either a workshop or a webinar?

Both a workshop and a webinar create change. With a workshop you are more likely to get transformational change because of the engagement that you can have. Also some people love the idea of just being on stage. The in-person is a really important part of their purpose. With a workshop they are more highly converting because they’re engaging.

So if you are looking for conversion then a workshop can be a way to go. Webinars are also converting but you have to work a little bit harder. This is because engagement is lower. Workshops and webinars have to be facilitated differently.

If for example your purpose is to create evergreen content that you can keep sharing and re-sharing then webinars are definitely a way to go.

To record a workshop takes a lot more effort and space on your computer.

4. What do you love?

What do you love? If you love being in front of people and that’s what’s going to make it something that really drives your energy up, then go for a workshop. If you love the content piece and being able to see yourself on screen then a webinar is a good option.

5. Which one will you actually do?

Which one are you actually going to do? If you’re going to be put off by the technology and spend six months trying to learn how to do it go for a workshop. If you’re going to be put off by finding a venue but technology is your thing then run a webinar. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. Just take an action and make it happen.

I use both in my business. Both are excellent for keeping you consistently visible.

Have you run a workshop or a webinar? What did you like and dislike about either? Put your experiences in the comments box.

Here is the video version

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