Welcome brilliant Entrepreneurs. In this blog we are talking about why it’s important to consistently speak in your business. It is often an aspiration but commonly not fulfilled.  


Why you need to speak in public about your business.

Hello brilliant people, it is Cynthia Painter from Create Action Now and today we’re talking about why should you be public speaking in your business and how to go about it.

So why, why should you be speaking more publicly about your business in your business? Well we’re going to cut straight to the chase. To build your business! To be able to make you money and get a return on the investment for all the hard work that you’re doing.

Public speaking is a non-negotiable

Why does it have to be public speaking though? Why not just do some flyers, do some Facebook Ads, put a selfie up and you know, do some of those more traditional things? Well, by speaking publicly people really get to do that true marketing “know like trust”. They really get a sense of who you are, what you’re doing, how you do it and you therefore stand out from the others in your industry who basically, well, do the same thing that you do. And there’s enough business out there for everyone but they really need to be able to help your customers cut through, all that other noise to find you. And you need to do it consistently so that you’re showing up on a daily basis for people to get to know you. And really there’s two things in business if you really want to get known for what you do, there’s two ways. One is by doing public speaking and the other is by writing a book. And hey, let’s face it, if you write a book, you’re going to have to speak about it anyway. So public speaking is a real non-negotiable in business today.

What types of public speaking?

Now let’s talk about what we mean by public speaking or speaking publicly. There’s about four main areas where you can do that.

  • One is online. Such as in Facebook Lives for example.
  • Two is on camera such as during a video.
  • Three is speaking at your own events. Your own workshops, Meetups, meetings that you do and then,
  • The last is at other people’s events. Networking events, workshops, speaking gigs, conferences, interviews and so forth. Things that other people have arranged.

Those are the ways you can get out there and that includes, speaking to camera, that includes face to face and include radio for example, podcasts and so forth. Lots of different avenues out there.


The main thing is that you need to be consistent with it and you need to be out there on a regular basis, showing up and being visible in your business. Again why? Because you need to be able to build your business and hey let’s go make some money. It’s really important. You’re not doing this to feed everybody else. You need to feed yourself, grow your business and grab the lifestyle that you’re after. Even if you’re doing it as a community initiative people need to know who you are and be able to connect with you amongst all the other community initiatives that are out there.

Now I can hear you. You’re going “Ok I get it, it’s important, I need to do it. Yeah yeah yeah but I’ve got other things to do. I’ll just do it after I do those. I need to see clients. I need to have meetings. I need to do all this admin. I’ll get to it.”

Ah ah! You need to get to it now and consistently. Because really, if you’re saying that even though I’ve stressed how important it is to build a business, that it really is one of the non-negotiables. Then I have the question, is there maybe a bit of mindset wobble out there.

So really, if you’re not getting into it now, it’s going to take you longer to get into it later. There’s a great saying by lady called Tash Corbin who says that, your audience is never as small as it is today. So now is a great time to get out and practice. If you’re worried about what to say, if you worried how you’re going to come across and do it all, the technology. We’re going to address it all. I’ve got a series of videos coming up for you. I’ve got some webinars. This is what we do. The thing is you’ve got to get out there and start doing it. I’d rather be out there practicing on these little things then out there in the ideal gig, talking in front of a conference with hundreds of people and practicing for the first time. So really this is where you get out there and talk to your clients, be present, it’s the way you attract clients and how you then get there to test your messaging and practice, practice, practice.

Let’s connect

What I’d love you to do so that you can hear more of this is to subscribe to the YouTube channel, to website for Create Action Now and Facebook. So, go out there and stay connected. There’s going to be lots of webinars coming up, YouTube videos, videos and blogs, posts all around the mindset within your business and particularly as it relates to speaking and getting out there. And you can contact me on any of those areas to be able to ask questions and find out more. Even book a session. There’s a thought. So between now and then come and get connected. But between now and then, I can’t wait to hear and see how you Create Action Now.